Don’t let your foot and ankle problems interfere with your favorite Spring and Summer activities.

Put your feet in the hands of our podiatrists

When you can’t stand comfortably on your own two feet, the Ambulatory Foot Center in Grants Pass is here to help. Mark Simchuk, DPM, FACFAS, and Elise Janowak, DPM, our Grants Pass podiatrists—together with our medical support staff—provide excellent results for patients of all ages with foot conditions, injuries or pain.

It’s never too early to monitor or treat a foot problem that limits your activities. Call 541-471-7056 for an appointment.

We treat all ages: infants to seniors

Our board-certified podiatrists provide complete and quality medical and surgical care of the foot. As accomplished recreational athletes, they are sports medicine doctors who personally understand your need to regain great mobility and live pain free. They strive to give you the most positive outcomes using the safest, least invasive and most affordable procedures available.

Doctor John E Castles DPM